The most advanced double clamping vice on the market. Perfect for medium and large series, and designed for process automation and robotisation.


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Clamping Technology

Enveloping clamping

The clamping system from the outside to the centre means that the high forces acting on the vice are dynamically compensated, avoiding deformations.

Third Hand Mechanism

Function that enables you to independently clamp first one piece and then the other, which facilitates its placement, especially in the vertical position.

3rd Hand Operation: Turn the handle to bring the moveable jaw I towards the workpiece situated in station I until it is clamped. Maintaining the turn, bring moveable jaw II towards the workpiece situated in station II until it is clamped.

Continue with the turn, activate the multiplier, and start to clamp with high pressure.

Clamping options

It allows 6 different clamping modes, exchanging the standard position jaws: either by rotating the side jaws and placing the stepped jaw in the centre, or by placing either of the two central jaws on the side closest to the handle.
Possibility of clamping only a single workpiece or two workpieces at once, with a size difference of up to 3 mm.

Oleo-dynamic spindle

Field of application

By machine type:

By workpiece/manufacturing type:

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