BLOCK-SC Hydraulic

The BLOCK-SC static plates with pneumatic drive achieve a clamping force of up to 20kN with a pressure of 9 bar.



Clamping system using a pneumatically actuated descending wedge socket: the pneumatic force is multiplied by the action of the wedges. These rectified wedges provide rigidity and precision to the assembly.


BLOCK-SC can be fed from the sides or from the base.


When the wedge moves upwards, guide jaws are opened.


When the wedge moves downwards, the guide jaws are closed.


The BLOCK-SC family is especially suitable for machining small workpieces.

In transfer machines, several BLOCK-SC can be placed to cover the table, clamping a significant number of workpieces at the same time. This enables quick changes of the workpieces, which means savings in machine downtime.

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