Bespoke projects

For every need,
a workholding solution.

Our experience is extensive; our knowledge is broad. We are also a flexible and agile company with a deep level of specialisation and a strong commitment to innovation. All of this translates into personalised solutions to cover any workholding need, no matter how complex the application.


is something personal.

The collaborative work between our team and the customer is the fundamental part of our way of working. Our background in the workholding sector enables us to provide a broad view of possibilities to solve the various challenges that our customers present to us.

We think with them; we improve with them. And all our expertise and knowledge are focused on refining their production capabilities by reducing their clamping times, increasing the profitability of their processes, and improving the quality of their work. With flexibility and adaptability, and from proximity: because the best solution always arises from working closely with our customers.


Everything for your
workholding needs.

The idea emerges from the needs of our customers. And our engineering team brings that vision to life on paper. Then, our inherent manufacturing DNA makes it tangible, be it a vice, a block, a jaw, or an accessory. And we go even further.

Because we design the best clamping solution for any type of material, regardless of the dimensions of the workpiece, and specifically for the machine on which it is going to be used. And we come along with our customers on their journey by offering a comprehensive service which covers design, manufacturing, after-sales support, and maintenance.


Our workholding is a seal of guarantee.

A solvent, functional, and high-quality workholding product. So simple and yet so complex. But that is not the only thing that our customers receive from us.

Choosing FRESMAK means choosing the guarantee of a manufacturer that operates according to EU quality standards. We guarantee control over every phase of the process, whilst ensuring the durability of each component and the quick delivery of spare parts.

Technical Assistance

We are the only national centre authorised to carry out repairs on Fresmak ARNOLD vises.

Commercial Network

We have distributors worldwide and commercial agents in various countries.